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How to get rid of and prevent MASKNE - Dr. Anaar Bhopa’s go to guide.

Maskne shows NO boundaries, affecting everyone of every gender, and ethnicity.

*sharing with you Ana’s fool proof tip list that she recommends to her patients everyday and now to YOU

1. Use a benzoyl peroxide face wash Use the double wash technique - wash first with your normal cleanser then secondary wash with benzoyl peroxide

2. Choose an acid spray - spray your face prior to putting on your mask everyday (Salycylic acid, tea tree oil toner or glycolic acid toner)

3. Use a noncomedogenic face cream only

4. Invest in a pulsating brush to help exfoliate the skin (like@clarisonicor@foreo

5. No makeup under the mask, if you are choosing a foundation - consider a natural based one such as@bareminerals

6. It’ll take 3-6 weeks to notice the difference if you’re consistent

7. Be super hydrated - it’s harder to drink water these days because of the mask - invest in the 1 gallon bottle from amazon

8. Warm lemon water in the morning, half a lemon in boiling water

9. Wash your mask daily.

*Benzoyl peroxide dives deep into the follicle to clear out any bacteria that may form a pimple

*salicylic acid gently helps the skin shed dead cells minimizing the build up on the pore

Naturopaths orders:

1. What you put in is what comes out through the skin, eating whole foods and limiting sugary beverages - clear water is the best medicine

2. Avoid creams, and unnecessary products other than a face wash and a noncomedogenic cream

Dr. Anaar Bhopa’s 6 extended tips :

1. Try a benzoyl peroxide ointment such as tactupump, or sulphur & salicylic acid for spot treatment

2. Stay clear of DRYING products - if you’re skin feels too tight or dry, you know your cleanser is NOT gentle & can actually be counterproductive - (When your skin is dry it can be more vulnerable to bacteria)

3. Are you drinking your water?

4. Wash your mask with VINEGAR as well as gentle soap - vinegar has strong antibacterial properties

5. Think about LIFESTYLE changes that may be affecting your skin - remember what goes in MUST come out and sometimes that’s in the form of painful acne. Dietary changes? Stress? New product usage?

6. Speak to your doctor if the problematic acne still persists.

And again just don’t wear makeup under the mask, it is a breeding ground for clogged pores.

Ana and I have dealt with acne, from trying Accutane to sprays to random new face masks - when I tell you this tip list helps... IT HELPS!!!! (Make sure to consult with your family practitioner for more - if the maskne persists despite the above recommendations have a chat with your Dr💖 especially if you’re considering a topical retinoid)

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