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The reality is there is NO magic pill. Stress management is a life long journey of understanding YOUR body and how different things may work for YOU. CBD oil has been an ongoing controversial topic in my family for the last couple years. I have dealt with stress & yes I do take CBD oil to help sometimes. Is it for everyone ? Absolutely not. Do I love IT? Absolutely yes lol.


Physicians Orders

- there are no studies that prove CBD oil will help with anxiety

- My sister recommends meditation, Cognitive behavioural therapy, and journalling prior to resorting to a supplement/pharmaceutical

- Try to understand your stress and how YOU may need to cope prior to choosing CBD oil

Naturopaths Orders

- My mom uses CBD oil for her brain health & joint pain, while the studies are minimal she personally thinks it has made a difference to her in the last couple years.

- While there aren’t many studies analyzing CBD and anxiety, she believes that if it works for you and you enjoy it, why not try it.

Helpful research based articles on CBD

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