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I have been drinking protein shakes since I was a kid and now I add it to my morning coffee!!


Whey protein is always frowned upon because it is a bi-product of dairy and may disrupt your digestive system HOWEVER here are the facts:

- 2 types of Whey: Whey isolate and Whey concentrate and the main difference is that whey isolate undergoes more processing which results in a higher protein content with less carbs, lactose and fat (easier on digestion).

- Soy protein contains Leucine (essential amino acid) but due to its poor structural density it is mostly used in the oxidation process which makes it inefficient for triggering muscle protein synthesis on its own.

- Soy protein consumed in the post workout period lowers testosterone levels and increases cortisol secretion .. the opposite of what you need to maximize anabolic response.


Naturopath & Physician perspective (both advocate for the same factors):

1. try to get your protein from whole food sources, such as meats, beans etc..

2. No soy is NOT bad if you are consuming soybeans, it is the process in which soy protein in synthesized in tofu and protein powders that can harmfully disrupt your hormones (specifically estrogen levels)

Studies have found that soy component “isoflavones” convert into phytoestrogen which binds to estrogen receptors instead of estrogen itself

*its all about moderation ✨ consider all of the factors associated with protein synthesis when you choose your next protein powder and/or bar

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