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Hi, I'm Shania

About Shania

Because wellness is balance and balance is wellness. 

My mission to make science accessible, and ensure every woman in the world has the tools to do it all. 

Shania is an angel investor for "good for the planet -good for the body" consumer products, co-founder of the Canadian Courage Project, author of Gurk and Bianca, the children's book on the gut-brain connection, and Global Health PhD candidate.

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My Pillars

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Wellbyshania is a womens health wellness blog, day-to-day life as a PhD candidate, director of a non-profit, content creator and startup founder. Here you'll also find motivational posts and helpful resources to do it all.

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The Canadian Courage Project

Co-founded a non-profit organization striving to support youth transitioning out of shelters into independent housing with wellness and mental health resources. 

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DIA™ Community

The DIA™ community is an inclusive space for women all around the world to share their dreams and accomplish them with the tools and systems together.


Get in touch with me so we can collaborate on your next project!


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